Travailler chez Aegon Services financiers Pays-Bas Vérifié

Travailler chez Aegon Services financiers Pays-Bas Vérifié

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La compatibilité avec la culture d'entreprise est un élément important du processus de recrutement. On est plus épanoui, plus productif et on accomplit bien plus de choses quand on travaille pour une entreprise ayant les mêmes valeurs et ambitions. Es-tu compatible avec Aegon ?

Notre culture

Many of us are focused on paying this months bills. And if there's anything left over, how we're going to treat ourselves. Our aim at Aegon is to help people look ahead and achieve a lifetime of financial security. This means connecting with our customers and providing education that prompts people to take responsibility for their financial future. And then providing the products and servicesthat ensure our customers feel confident as they do so. Given how significant this is to people's lives - are you up for the challenge?

Ce que nous faisons

The financial industry has changed beyond recognition over the last few years, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace - an aging population, a switch from face-to-face financial consultations to online, digital advancement that allows consumers to tailor online products to their individual needs, and of course stricter regulation. To achieve this, our global workforce of more than 29,000 employees, continues to evolve the way we work, learning from best practices around the globe. You would be joining a team that's looking for opportunities to use the latest technologies, draw on your colleagues ideas and together, help turn them into great results. The creativity that comes from working with a broad diversity of people and your hands-on mentality will be key to this.

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Découvre dès aujourd'hui de passionnantes opportunités de carrière chez Aegon. Viens faire partie de l'histoire unique que Aegon est en train d'écrire dans le paysage de Services financiers.