Arbeiten bei Visma yuki Internet und IT Belgien Verifiziert

Arbeiten bei Visma yuki Internet und IT Belgien Verifiziert

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Die Passung zur Unternehmenskultur ist ein wichtiger Teil unseres Einstellungsprozesses. Denn Menschen sind glücklicher, leisten bessere Arbeit und erreichen mehr, wenn sie für ein Unternehmen arbeiten, das mit ihren eigenen Ambitionen und Werten übereinstimmt.

Unsere Kultur

Visma | yuki has a dynamic fast-growing & passionate team with over 200 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Here you can grow at the pace of Visma | yuki's growth: there are no such things as mistakes, only opportunities to grow. That's why we firmly believe in an open-feedback culture. We support you not only by personal and team-based follow-ups but also with a training budget.Every single colleague is proud to work at Visma | yuki. So when you walk in to our offices, get ready to submerged in the world of Visma | yuki: personal training by our sport coaches, breakfast theme parties, healthy lunch, international teambuildings, off-site retreats with your team, yearly short-ski, fun weekend away with the whole company. And the best part of it? You can now apply!

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Was wir machen

Why Yuki? We want to enable millions of entrepreneurs in running their business based on the best available information (so on time, instantly available and reliable). How do we do this? We are facilitating their accountant in the role as expert and position him as coach. We provide him the tools to provide that information in (real)time, correct and complete What is Yuki? A modern, highly automated, document centric and self learning bookkeeping platform, assisting in data processing, quality control & analytics combined with a strong focus on cooperation between entrepreneur and accountant